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2 weeks full of 

Inspirations and co-creation with new friends from around the globe.
The kids have fun while learning new skills and
taking the lead for inventing their future!

August Lineup

Is this for your kids?

Peer groups of teenagers between 14 - 19 years old
Collaborative online sessions to explore the future and become an agent of change
A tech and emotional safe space
Various topics to choose from depending on what she / he cares about
Experienced and trusted team leads

More information to come

What’s in it for your kids?

Learning future skills
Having fun, working with friends globally
Designing projects they care about
Unlocking their potential
Creating leadership skills
Acting to change their future

More information to come

Online Security?
Our priority!

We create a safe virtual space in which they can explore, experience and design
what is important to them. We will use Zoom, Mural and Discord as technical Platforms for our workshops and communication.

The core team

We are a group of Design Thinking and Sprint practitioners, trainers and consultants.
And we are passionate about unlocking potential of young people!
Teenagers4Change is hosted by experienced creative minds and supported by the most innovation oriented companies. We - the organising team, facilitators and industry experts - will be there for you every step of the way to help your kids explore ideas, unlock your creativity, and come up with ways to change the world!

Jeroen Frumau, father of 2 teenagers, and founder and owner of Talents-4U

Emmanuelle Nechifor, Sister of a teenager, Brand Strategy & Workshops Enthusiast

Gisela Andrade, aunt of 2 teenagers, Product Manager, Design Sprint enthusiast and Innovation enabler

Sabrina Goerlich, mother of 2 teenagers and a little daughter, Founder of Designsprintstudio

Marcus Liehr, father of 2 little ones, Strategy and Innovation Consultant and founder of Zagmates

We are happy to get in contact with you! Our images are linked with our LinkedIn profiles

Be heard and make a difference

Share your passion and shape your better tomorrow

Strengthen your creative thinking and skills

Live the ultimate summer experience

Show your creative side and get from 'the idea' to 'the solution'

Be 'virtually together' over two weeks this August

Have fun and start an out of the box project

Start challenges and engage with others to be the leaders of tomorrow

Meet and make new friends from all over the world

Our friends

Be surprised after the camp!

Encourage your kids to spend useful time during the holidays, feel happy about making the holidays meaningful for them, stay curious what will happen after and...

Create time for you!

Your questions

Check out our FAQ section or get in contact with us for any question you might have about the event, using our email

Our top 5 tips on future skills!

You want to talk first to your child and see how you all feel about our program?
To get a a good idea of what Teenagers4Change is about, don't miss out our

Top 5 Tips pdf

How to give your teenagers opportunities to build key future skills!

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